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The third Mike Barton novel

 by Ian Gosling

Whores and junkies… nobody wants to know them… and when they die; nobody cares.’

 DS Jane Barclay believes the dead girl deserves better than that.

Janek Lekowski is a big player. He has a couple of big cars and a big house to prove it. His neighbours respect him, and the people at the golf club and the gym will tell you, ‘Nice bloke …something in the leisure business … must be doing all right … always got plenty of money to throw around.’ If only they knew …

Janek makes his living off the backs of street girls and junkies, but his lifestyle is expensive and he owes a lot of money.

Now the Taxman has come to collect, and Janek is cowering in a corner about to get a kicking because he can’t pay. But the Taxman isn’t about to leave empty handed. He takes something as collateral, and a lot of people are going to suffer as a result.

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