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Why are we so fascinated by crime? Whether in popular fiction, the movies or on TV – we just don’t seem to be able to get enough of it .... Most of the ingredients of a good crime novel can be found in other genres - strong characters, intriguing plots, interesting places, good writing – so there has to be something else.

Maybe, it puts us in touch with our dark side and gives us an opportunity to flirt with danger without any risk.  Maybe, it makes us feel better about ourselves – there but for … ? Maybe, it's because the "good guys" usually come out on top; albeit a bit battered, and  carrying a few more scars.  Maybe,  it’s the challenge of the puzzle – can I work it out before the detectives? Is the author really letting me work this one out or is he/she just playing with me? .... For me, it's a bit of all of these things.

Like most novels, in almost any genre, my books are about people. Love and hate, trust and suspicion, loyalty and betrayal, and of course, life and death. It's about relationships – fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, friends and enemies, wives, husbands and lovers; the things that people do to, and for, each other; and why they do it – their real motives, not the excuses they hide behind.

My plots are created by and for the characters, not vice versa, and are part of their story. My characters could never be complete inventions – many of their characteristics I have observed in others. And, if you know me and I have stolen a little piece of you, I make no apologies, but I thank you for your contribution – but they are, like Frankenstein's monster, assembled from many parts, and some don't turn out as expected. 

The part I most enjoy –  creating people who exist only because I allow them to, and who can be and do anything I want them to. And even though they take over at times, they always need me to tap the keys on my laptop and keep them alive. Some of course don't make it to the end.

My books will take you to some dark places. You will find them disturbing, you might feel the odd cold shiver or shed a tear, but sometimes you will smile, and maybe even laugh.

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